It all started in the late 1970s when Ally Msami was a game ranger in the Selous Game Reserve.

Game rangers differ from park rangers; park rangers protect the wildlife from people but game rangers protect people from the wildlife. Ally’s primary job was monitoring and tracking lions to keep local villages safe.

A Unique Idea

Lions in the southern areas of Tanzania do not have the same abundance of prey that lions in northern Tanzania have. In the Selous (now called Nyerere National Park) when the males get old and loose the command of their prides they often will seek easier prey. As lions age their teeth wear down and human beings are easier to consume. By 1980 Mr. Ally realized his knowledge and passion for wildlife would be better suited as a safari guide on the northern circuit in Tanzania. He joined one of the best tour operators at the time and spent 10 years honing his skills and gaining incredible knowledge of the Serengeti in particular.


Tanzanian Pride

His exposure to people from all over the world taught him how to deliver extraordinary customer service based on the countries of origin of the tourists. In 1990 Ally created and registered Unique Safaris and has built his company into one of the finest “niche” safari operators for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and multi-generational family safaris. His pride for his country of Tanzania shines through with all of his team members and he has committed Unique Safaris to ‘always go the extra mile’ for each of our guests.


Unparalleled Customer Service

Mr. Ally serves as the Managing Director of Unique Safaris and ensures each safari operates with the values that have distinguished his company since 1990- to provide private custom-designed itineraries with unparalleled customer service and guides who are passionately knowledgeable about wildlife, conservation and providing “unique” experiences.