The Zanzibar archipelago consists of a number of islands with Unguja being the largest and is often simply referred to as Zanzibar Island.

Zanzibar is often referred to as The Spice Islands because of the spices found on the Island which were important on the trading routes between Asia and Europe.

Extension Options

Unique Safaris focuses on the northern safari circuit in Tanzania but there are options for extending your safari and we are happy to help you plan for this whether it be a visit to the Zanzibar Islands, parks on the southern circuit of Tanzania or an extension in Rwanda or Uganda for gorilla and/or chimp trekking.


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The three largest islands are Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia and are the most common destinations depending upon what you would like to experience. Booking Zanzibar requires a knowledge of the various habitats and beach types on the northern, southern, eastern or western areas of the main Island. While the Island is surrounded with beaches there are different types of beach and different tidal fluctuations which can impact your experiences based on what you want to experience on the Island. At the end of your luxury safari we arrange a flight to Zanzibar and you are met by our partner and transferred to your accommodation of choice.


Committed to Educating Guests

Some guests want to simply relax on the beach after their safari; some want to do serious scuba diving and some want to focus on the unique cultural excursions the Island offers. Zanzibar has a fascinating history due to the many influences of historical trading partners. Not only was Zanzibar famous for tropical spices but it was also a major port for the Slave Trade sending Africans to Middle Eastern and Asian destinations. Zanzibar is committed to educating guests about the history and influences that have shaped it today. Cuisine on Zanzibar is very diverse featuring not only the fresh seafood you would expect but also the influences of Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Your Safari specialist can help you with all of these plans.