Commitment to Communities

As a wholly Tanzanian owned and operated safari company, Unique Safaris has a strong commitment to helping communities benefit from tourism. This extends beyond just hiring Tanzanians in all operational positions. The team at Unique Safaris seeks NGO projects that are successful and have integrity.  Currently, we help to support two significant projects in Tanzania, focusing on health care delivery and education. We carefully selected the following organizations based on their ability to measure their success and their transparency in donations and audits.

FAME – The Foundation for African Medicine and Education

FAME was founded by Dr. Frank Artress and his wife, Susan Gustafson. The goal of FAME is to enhance the quality of care in East Africa and to create educational opportunities for individuals who express an interest in contributing back to their communities. The FAME medical facilities are located in the Karatu area of the Crater Highlands, between Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara regions and consist of a medical dispensary, a 15-bed hospital facility with intensive care service and a remarkable mobile medical service, allowing the doctors to reach deep into remote rural areas to provide much-needed health care. FAME is in an area that has one doctor for every 60,000 individuals and has made a difference in the lives of thousands of patients. Additionally, FAME is open to tourists who might encounter health problems during their safari. FAME accepts visitors who are interested in learning about the medical challenges in rural Tanzania, as well as accepting donations of products, service and cash.

School of St. Jude

Everyone wants to visit a school and see children being inspired to learn and face the challenges of their changing world. Unique Safaris has sought out the most successful educational projects in the hopes of inspiring our guests to support the children of Tanzania. There is no educational program more impressive than the School of St. Jude! The school was started by an Australian woman, Gemma Sisia, in 2002. The goal of the school is to “serve the poorest of the poor” with the greatest potential for educational advancement and impacting the future of Tanzania. The school now serves almost 1,800 students in both primary and secondary campuses and a visit to the school leaves you with no doubt about how your donations are used. The school is secular but named after St. Jude who cared deeply about the poor. The school’s inaugural Form 6 graduation class finished in the top 10% in the country, with a 100% pass rate and more than 50% getting the highest mark of distinction. Visits can consist of a short tour, a few days of volunteering or a 6-24 months commitment. It is a moving experience and one that will no doubt encourage you to get involved!

Additionally, we will help to arrange service opportunities or extra cultural activities based on our discussions as we plan your private itinerary.