Unique Safaris has a strong commitment to helping communities benefit from tourism.

There are many worthwhile projects to support but Unique Safaris seeks registered NGO projects that are successful and have integrity over time. Currently we help to support two significant projects in Tanzania focusing on health care deliver and education. We selected these two projects based on their ability to measure their success and their transparency with funding and annual audits.

FAME- The Foundation for African Medicine and Education

FAME was founded by Dr. Frank Artress and his wife Susan Gustafson. The goal of FAME is to improve the quality of health care in heavily populated rural area in northern Tanzania. Equally as important is FAME’s commitment to training Tanzanian doctors, nurses, lab and radiology professionals so that eventually FAME is operated entirely by Tanzanians. The FAME medical campus is located in the Karatu area of the Crater Highlands between Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Lake Manyara National Park.


About FAME

The reputation of FAME draws people from all over Tanzania and even Zanzibar to seek medical care of the highest quality. The campus has grown from one medical dispensary (ambulatory only) to now include a 14-bed in patient hospital; 24-bed Maternity Center; an outpatient clinic with almost 30,000 patient visits; an Emergency Room, two surgical operatories and a fully staffed Laboratory and state of the art Radiology Center. The growth of FAME is dependent upon donations and we proudly offer excursions to visit this project and support their work. FAME is also open to tourists who might encounter health problems during their safaris.


The School of St. Jude

Many guests want to visit a school and better understand the education system in Tanzania as well as meet and interact with students. Unique Safaris has sought out one of the most successful education projects in the hopes of inspiring our guests to support the children of Tanzania. The School of St. Jude is an impressive educational program offering a free quality education to the most economically disadvantaged children in the Arusha region and beyond.


Eradicate Poverty Through Education

The school was founded by Gemma Sisia in 2002 with an initial seven students. Today, The School of St. Jude provided primary and secondary education to 1,800 students who must qualify to be accepted. Need is determined by both academic excellence and economic need because the mission of this school is to eradicate poverty through education. We can include a visit to The School of St. Jude and opportunities to meet a family or ride the school buses home with the primary students.