Honeymoon and Family Safaris

Honeymoons and family safaris are often planned a little differently than a typical safari. For a honeymoon we might plan a slightly shorter time in the bush and add time to enjoy the white beaches of Zanzibar. You may prefer accommodations that offer you an exclusive sense of privacy. We love to take the time to learn about what you want your honeymoon to be and provide you with the memories that will last your lifetime.

Family Safaris are purely delightful not only for your family but also for our safari guides as well. Your safari will prove to be one of the most lasting memories for your family. A family safari may refer just to your immediate family or you may be planning a larger multi-generational experience. If you have very young children you may want to be at an accommodation that has extra activities geared for children or want them to experience more tribal and cultural experiences. Parents and grandparents understand their children’s interests, needs and behaviors and you have the opportunity to advise us what might work best for your family. We have had children as young as two years old on safari and our sales team can design what will work best for your enjoyment. A custom-designed itinerary allows us to plan for all of your unique needs. Our guides particularly enjoy teaching young children how to spot wildlife and become their “junior guides” while on a game drive.

Young-Girl Walkiing Towards Sametu Camp - Lisa Buehler

Private Photographic Safaris

Unique Safaris has been hosting professional photographers and their workshops since 1990. Our vehicles are adapted for photography allowing you to take images from various viewpoints. Our vehicles are full sided with an open roof and windows that you can adapt your equipment to for the viewpoint you might want. As importantly our guides are very experienced in understanding light and positioning the vehicles for the anticipation of animal behavior so you are in the right spot for the most dramatic shots. Our vehicles have 7 window seats but often serious photographers prefer to put only 3 or 4 in each vehicle.


Safaris Under Canvas

Most of our clients prefer to be accommodated in the smaller, more intimate permanent tented properties. These properties are often located in prime or remote areas for game driving providing a sense of privacy you don’t experience in the big lodges. All of the properties we suggest have 24-hour electricity, solar invertors, flush toilets and hot and cold running water. The service is highly personalized and the tents are very large and well appointed. Accommodations under canvas come in different shapes and sizes they all provide the opportunities for wildlife to roam through the camp day and night. This type of accommodation evokes the images of Hemingway’s Africa but with a modern design.