What Makes Us Unique

We have been a licensed tour operator since 1990.

It’s important to go with a licensed tour operator as it means the company meets high standards of quality, service and a code of ethics as outlined by the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO). Travelers who contract through unlicensed operators may receive a reduced price for the safari but there are several risks and the traveler has no legal recourse to recover any money should the venture not meet their standards.

Specializing in private custom-designed programs but also offer set itineraries on our website.

Through conversations with you we design your itinerary based on what you want to experience on safari. Perhaps you want to see the wildebeests in rut or the calving season. Maybe you’re a bird lover and are hoping to see some of the amazing birds that migrate from all over Europe to Manyara National Park. It’s even possible that this is your second trip and you want to explore more than just lions and elephants. Regardless, we will provide you the information you need so that you can make an informed decision about how you would like your safari to look.

Our guides have outstanding knowledge of all remote areas of the national parks.

The overwhelming majority of tour operators in Tanzania impose a daily mileage restriction to control the expense of fuel used in the bush. Although many companies will tell you they provide unlimited mileage, the proof is when you are in the bush and see how Unique avoids the typical driving circuits and takes you to more remote areas of the Serengeti. Unlimited mobility is absolutely essential in a large park like the Serengeti, but the value is enhanced by our highly experienced and passionate safari guides. After all, it is one thing to have unlimited mileage, but it is magnified by the knowledge of our safari guides to take you to areas that will yield interesting wildlife.

All of our safari guides are contracted employees, all with outstanding dedication to education, a passion for the bush, and outstanding customer service!

Many companies will only hire free-lance safari guides and although some can be very experienced drivers, many do not have the same quality of education on the parks and animals. In addition, free-lance drivers do not necessarily follow the standards and expectations of the companies they are free-lancing with. This can compromise the level of customer service clients receive. Our safari guides are required to meet our rigorous standard of excellence. In addition, they have all met the owners’ criteria of park and animal knowledge so clients are receiving a quality education while on safari.

Unique Safaris owns and maintains a full fleet of vehicles,  all stretch Land Rovers and Land Cruisers, specially adapted for photography and unrestricted game viewing.

Because we own our vehicles, we take excellent care of them. We have our own mechanics that provide consistent maintenance on our vehicles, enabling us to identify and fix potential mechanical problems so that they do not impact our client’s experience in the bush. In addition our safari guides all know basic maintenance and can address most mechanical problems that might occur in the bush, but if a more serious problem should occur while in the bush, replacement vehicles are easily available so that our clients can get back to enjoying their safari quickly. On the other hand, tour operators that don’t own their vehicles are at the mercy of free-lance vehicles that may not be well maintained. Additionally, if there is an emergency in the bush, locating and delivering a reputable replacement can be difficult and time consuming.

Truth in pricing.

Many companies will do different tactics in order to present a low cost itinerary. Some will not plan for the correct number of park permits needed to follow the animals. Other companies may put you in an accommodation outside of a national park and not include the park fee in your overall price, so you cannot actually go inside the park unless you pay the park fee out of pocket. We are truthful in our pricing and want to make sure our clients are not sacrificing their safari experience for what appears to be a better price on paper. You will never be told you can’t go somewhere because you didn’t pay for the park permit.

Not all safari companies are equal.

Remember, a company’s years of experience and operational expertise coupled with their problem solving ability, high client service standards, park and animal knowledge, truthfulness, and well maintained equipment all contribute to your overall safari experience. Before you give a company the opportunity to work for you, make sure your tour operator is licensed with years of experience. Always check references personally and do not rely on internet travel forums alone.

For a list of references or to learn more, contact us at 612-201-4461.