Wild Dogs in the Serengeti!

February 21, 2013 Unique Safaris | Tanzania Safari Wild Dogs

Wild dogs remain an elusive and rare sighting in the Serengeti, and in fact in all of northern Tanzania. In late August 2012, a wild dog translocation project, sponsored by TAWIRI (Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute) and TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks) with a donation by VODACOM, moved 12 dogs from southern Loliondo to the Western Corridor in the Serengeti. Three of the dogs were radio collared and they have been tracked by GPS daily. The dogs have by no means remained in the Western Corridor, but have been hunting all the way to Lake Ndutu, Seronera, Lobo and even northern Loliondo near Buffalo Luxury Camp. The pack was seen near Lake Ndutu the first week in January 2013 and were spotted again on February 17 near Buffalo Luxury Camp. The fate of these dogs remains uncertain, but researchers are excited by their movements and that they areĀ able to hunt in the high density lion and hyena corridors of southern and central Serengeti. Stay tuned for more updates on the wild dogs in the Serengeti. There are plans to release up to another 23 dogs in the next few months, if all continues to go well.

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