Weather in Tanzania – Thursday’s Recap

December 19, 2013

After this morning’s brief rain, clients enjoyed a mostly sunny day in the Serengeti with temperatures reaching a high in the low 80s. By the late afternoon, humidity had increased with increasing clouds that turned into precipitation in the evening. Lows were in the 60s. This is the typical short rain pattern and bodes well for the calving season.

The largest parts of the wildebeest herd are still in all areas of the central Serengeti and our clients are reporting massive numbers, reflecting the hundreds of thousands of wildebeest. Some portions of the herd (pregnant females and dominant males) are moving into the Moru Kopjes as well. Tomorrow we hope to give you a report on the location of the bachelor herds, since they often migrate separately from the pregnant females, traveling around the Gol Mountains, through the Gol Kopjes and into areas surrounding Lake Ndutu and Lake Masek. The zebra herds seem to be ranging between the Western Corridor and central Serengeti as they especially enjoy the grasses of these areas.


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