The Magic of Serengeti Safaris

Serengeti is a vast eco-system covering just below 10.000 square miles and ranges mostly in northern Tanzania with a small portion of the northern tip located in southwestern Kenya (called the Maasai Mara). The area is widely known as the home of one of the world’s largest animal migration – the annual movement of almost 2 million wildebeest and zebra combined. This migration has been noted as part of the ten natural wonders for travelers throughout the world. The Serengeti is additionally popular due to its extensive lion population thus making a great location for observing this prideful species in its natural atmosphere. The native word stands for “Endless Plains” and rings true with the plethora of species found in this area of Africa.

 Visitors taking a Serengeti safari can expect to have the opportunity to see roughly seventy types of large mammals in addition to over five hundred species of birds. The large diversity of animal species is a result of multiple habitat types found in the region. Serengeti safaris provide countless habitat choices including riverine forests, rolling hills, grasslands, woodlands, and swamps. Unique Safaris always recommends visiting at least two different areas of the Serengeti to maximize game viewing in this huge national park. Many of our safaris cover three locations and at certain times of the year, a true enthusiast can benefit from the four locations of north, south, central, and western Serengeti. The area offers a beautifully diverse landscape where animal observation opportunities are plentiful.

The World Renowned Migration

The most noted migration occurs each year as wildebeest and zebra travel in an annual movement searching for food and water at different times of the year. There are three main events that occur annually – the wildebeest calving, the wildebeest rut, and river crossings. Each event occurs at different times of the year and in different locations of the Serengeti. Unique Safaris specializes only in Tanzania and our sales consultant can explain the events and locations to you in detail as they assist with planning your African and Serengeti safari.

Serengeti safaris take visitors into one of the oldest eco-systems in the world where the climate, fauna, and vegetation have remained generally unchanged since its origination millions of years ago. Since certain core locations are fairly busy at various times of the year, it is best to gain an understanding of the migration patterns and seasons before planning your Serengeti safari to ensure a less crowded, fulfilling stay in one of the greatest ecological systems in the world.