I just wanted to thank you for the most wonderful trip ever! We had such a great time and will always remember this trip. I also wanted to say you have some very special people working there such as Emmanuel and Pokea. Emmanuel took great care of us and we enjoyed his company. He knew the park so well that on our first day out he knew the exact spot to find all the animals. He is also a very kind-hearted person. The majority of our time was spent with Pokea. I cannot say enough about him or how grateful we were for having him as our guide. He did a great job and diligently worked to make sure all our needs were met. He is a wonderful caring person and really worked to ensure we had a great time! I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful trip! The accommodations were lovely and everything went off perfectly

- Bob and Mary Pat Sep 2017,

To say this was a trip of a lifetime for us is an understatement! We loved our guides and the staff who intercepted us from long lines at the airport. The stay at the Tulip Hotel was a great way to start. The daily safari trips were spectacular with Wilfred & Michael as our guides. We couldn’t believe how knowledgeable they were. So excited themselves when we spotted game. The camps were beautiful, clean, comfortable & the staff so welcoming & friendly, making us feel so at home. They acted so excited to see us!!! They even baked us a “goodbye friends” cake. Really sweet, caring people!

- Sam and Matt Sep 2017,

Thank you for sharing your country with us. All of the accommodation were selected perfectly for our standards and our guides saw EVERYTHING!

- Carole Feb 2017,

Fabulous trip! I loved it! Our guides, Ellison and Pokea were amazing!

- Leanne Feb 2017,

We were very well looked after by the Unique team in Arusha and our guide was really good, knowledgeable, and friendly. His enthusiasm was infectious!

- Mark and Celia- Feb 2017,

I always felt incredibly safe and enjoyed the immense knowledge that was shared every day.

- Jill Jan 2017,

Our wonderful guide, Thomson, made our trip INCREDIBLE in every way.

- Krys Jan 2017,

Our guides were all great!  As usual Joseph, Roman, Bernard and Michael were excellent guides and brought variety and their own individual strengths and perspectives to the trip.  Everyone was very happy. All our accommodations were also perfect in their own way and it was so nice to be able to visit them each again. Everyone is already looking forward to their return!

- Mary Anne March 2017,

Our guide was superb, our accommodations phenomenal and our trip amazing.

- Barb T. (Sept 2016),

Unique’s safari guides are not only an asset to the company but they are great ambassadors for Tanzania. They are warm, gracious and fun.

- Dan and Mary M (Sept 2016),

Our private guide was fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and adaptable. He located animals superbly. We saw four of the big five on the first day!

- Dan and Paula E. (Aug 2016),

Wonderful guide, great camps/hotels, and friendly staff.

- Jim and Kathy S. (Aug 2016),

There were a number of things that made our safari. First was our itinerary. Unique did a great job of mixing things up and giving us new experiences. Second was were greeted at the airport by Unique staff which not only was a relief but really set the stage for the kind of attention we would receive on our entire adventure. Third was our accommodations. We stayed at seven different locations and loved every single one of them, including the staff. Fourth was our own private vehicle and guide. We were treated to such care and consideration by our guide and his knowledge of wildlife was amazing. Each morning at daybreak, we were met with a clean vehicle and a smiling guide who made us feel safe and comfortable on our entire trip. An adventure with Unique Safaris is truly worth every penny.

- The Bennan Family (Aug 2016),

It was a trip of a lifetime. The itinerary was perfect, the accommodations were perfect, the staff was lovely and our guide was incredible. Overall we were overwhelmingly satisfied.


- Chris, Kelly and Chloe C. (Aug 2016),

It was an incredible experience and our guide was truly the greatest. He was so kind and helpful and made the entire experience so fun.

- Sheridan B. (August 2016),

The Unique safari guide made our trip exceptional. He was an excellent driver, possessed great knowledge of wildlife and positioned us for fantastic photo opportunities.

- Deb and Kristen M (Augt 2016),

All of the staff at Unique Safaris was courteous, informative and friendly. Can’t think of how our guide could have been better. We will miss him.

- Joanie and Dave S. (November 2016),

What an amazing experience. Simply beyond our wildest imagination. Our guide’s expertise made the trip. So often he predicted the behavior of the wildlife that we were able to ready our cameras for some amazing photographs. We are just thrilled that we went with Unique Safaris.

- Fred and Dian A. (Sept 2016),

Our guide made our trip with his knowledge, experience, sense of humor, caring and friendly demeanor. On our first game drive, we came across a zebra whose leg was swollen and bleeding from being tangled in a snare. After he got us settled in our camp, he contacted the rangers and went with them to find the zebra, remove the wire and help nurse its wounds. He went above and beyond the call of duty. What a wonderful human being.

- Judith and Greg S. (Sept 2016),

Our guide was amazing. He was patient, considerate, great fun and had a beautiful soul. He even rescued a wounded zebra that was tangled in a snare.

- Dennis S. (Sept 2016),

All of the camps were wonderful and the staff was beyond friendly. Our guide deserves special recognition as without him and his knowledge, our trip would not have been the same. Truly a trip of a lifetime!

- Ivana and Joe P. (Sept 2016),

Our guide was wonderful. We felt absolutely secure in his care and his humor made him a delightful companion.

- Pat M. (Sept 2016),

Our guide was beyond outstanding! Truly an exceptional guide. He made the experience. So thoughtful and helpful. I can’t say enough – he became one of our family and we will miss him. What a gem!

- The West Family (June 2016),

We could not be happier with our guide. He made the experience priceless.

- Gary S. (June 2016),

Best experience ever. Once in a lifetime experience that was made very fun and educational without any worries because everyone was so friendly, nice and attentive.

- Nhu P. (June 2016),

This safari was the trip of a lifetime! We saw everything we wanted to and more! Our guide was absolutely wonderful. He was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. We will truly miss him and Tanzania.

- Hurwitz Family (June 2016),

Unique delivered everything it said it would and more. All details were taken care if and the safari experience truly was a dream safari.

- Terry Q. (June 2016),

Greatest vacation ever. I’ve already told my parents to book a safari with your company.

- Suzanne E. (May 2016),

Our Unique Safaris guide was absolutely amazing. He seemed to know everything about everything and had these incredible eagle eyes.

- Alaric A. (May 2016),

Our guide was tops. He made our adventure one I will remember all the days of my life. An absolute gem!!

- Joan M. (May 2016),

I loved the experience from start to finish. Our guide was instrumental in making all of it a spectacular vacation.

- Nikki S. (May 2016),

This trip has been the very best experience I have had in all my travels. I loved it all and will recommend Unique Safaris and Tanzania to all who ask. I pray I will get to come back again.

- Janice R. (May 2016),

Our guide made our safari the success that it was. Not only was he an excellent driver and “professor” but he is genuinely honest, sincere, patient and respectful individual with a sense of humor as well. There aren’t enough words of praise for him.

- (May 2016),

I would never use another company if I came back to Tanzania. This exceeded my wildest dreams.

- Diane L. (April 2016),

Our guide could not have been better. He was so knowledgeable and a great teacher. He went above and beyond all expectations everyday.

- Mary M. (April 2016),

Our guide far exceeded our expectations. He showed his passion, knowledge, sense of humor and caring to everyone of us. No one in our group asked a question he could not answer. If there was a rating higher than “exceeded” I would give it that rating.

- Julie B. (March 2016),

Our guides exceeded all  our expectations. So knowledgeable and caring – keeping us safe and happy. They are our new friends.

- Gregg & Randi L. (March 2016),

They provided a unique, exciting and wonderful experience for our entire family. Our safari guide was terrific and gave us a fantastic safari experience everyday.

- Mary & Andrew C. (April 2016),

Our safari guide was an expert driver, avoiding many of the bumps on the roads to ensure our comfort. His wildlife spotting and knowledge was way beyond our expectations. His respect of nature was clearly important to him. We were in good hands on our entire safari.

- Ryan C. (July 2016),

Our two guides we complete gentlemen. They cared for us magnificently and watched over us like a protective “lioness.” They were absolutely enchanting.

- MaryAnn H. (July 2016),

Our accommodations were all incredible and the wildlife was superb but more importantly our guide made our trip the most memorable. He was kind, attentive, informative and fun. We could not have had a better guide in all of Tanzania.

- Jackie R. (July 2016),

We just loved our guide. He was knowledgeable, patient, and made sure we saw everything. We learned so much from him.

- Janine T. (July 2016),

Our two guides were amazingly knowledgeable, friendly, prompt and kind.

- Flint Hills (July 2016),

Our guide was exceptional in every way. He was patient, kind, knowledgeable and we enjoyed his company immensely. He made our trip memorable. We sincerely hope we will have him again on our next trip with Unique Safaris.

- Avanti S. (July 2016),

Our guide had the perfect mix of temperament, energy and knowledge for our group. It was such a pleasure sharing our safari experience with him.

- Kanwar S. (July 2016),

Our guide had a great sense of humor. Not only did we get to see amazing wildlife but we had fun doing it too.

- Diane W. (July 2016),

We learned so much from our guide.

- Linda and Barry P. (July 2016),

We requested a safari guide that was funny, knowledgeable and extremely outgoing. We got that and more. Our guide absolutely made our safari a dream come true.

- Brad and Jackie B. (July 2016),

Our guide provided a unique, exciting, wonderful experience for our entire family.

- Marilyn and Andrew C. (March 2016),

Our two safari guides were unbelievable. They took such good care of us and made our trip one-of-a-lifetime. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go on another safari; I don’t know how any other trip could exceed this one.

- Joe & Cheryl P. (March 2016),

Unique Safaris and our guide were conscientious, helpful, caring and knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you!!

- Rick and Diane T. (March 2016),

Outstanding staff and excellent safari guide!

- Bob and Karen R. (March 2016),

We had a fabulous experience and would recommend Unique Safaris to all our friends.

- Sheely K and Sue E. (March 2016),

Best safari I’ve ever taken! Loved my driver!

- Connie G. (March 2016),

The absolute BEST. From the time we stepped off the plane until back on the plane. It was first class!

- Jeff & Debra M. (March 2016),

Our safari guide was exceptionally kind, patient and knowledgeable. We dearly miss him. Our sightings were amazing, the flexibility we had with our daily schedule was really nice and the entire Unique staff was always prepared, timely and friendly.


- Janie B. (March 2016),

The camp manager at Lions Paw Camp was outstanding. He was charming, courteous and very friendly. He made us feel at home and told us the most amazing stories growing up as a Maasai. Even the chef at the camp was outstanding.

- Sonia I. (March 2016),

Our safari guide was wonderful. He was extremely knowledgable and patient, making sure we saw everything we hoped to see. We would recommend Unique Safaris to anyone.

- Maddie K. (March 2016),

My entire experience with Unique Safaris was superb, from the planning with Meg (Director of Sales) to each and every person on staff, and especially my safari guide, Peter. The tented camps Meg chose for me were beautiful, the staff was so hospitable and I appreciated all the unique little touches each one had.


- Robin S. (Feb 2016),

We were very impressed by how clean our vehicle was every morning. Each day our guide met us with a bright smile and boundless energy to start our safari. He was truly an exceptional guide and seemed to possess an encyclopedic knowledge of everything related to Tanzanian wildlife .

- Stanley F. (Jan. 2016),

Our safari guide was an absolute pleasure to be with and did everything we requested with a warm smile.

- Gerald & Myra D. (Feb 2016),

Outstanding guide! Courteous with an impressive command of all wildlife we encountered. It was a tremendous, worthwhile experience that exceeded all my expectations.

- Tatsuo Y. (Feb 2016),

The meet and greet team was welcoming, accommodating and helpful. Our guide was absolutely amazing. He amazed us with his knowledge and his ability to spot animals. We could tell he had a tremendous respect for the environment and its wildlife.

- Jodi & Mark S. (Feb 2016),

Our guide spotted things in the distance we could only see with our binoculars. Still don’t know how he could do it!

- John & Heather L. (Feb 2016),

The entire team was fantastic. They did an excellent job and could not commend them more highly.

- James W. (Feb 2016),

Our safari guides were outstanding in every way imaginable. They were friendly, fun, knowledgeable, courteous and resourceful. We could not have better guides for the Field Museum. They were clearly a cut above all the other guides we saw on safari from other companies.

- Rich J. (Feb 2016),

The four guides that were assigned to our safari with the Field Museum of Natural History were all exceptional at their profession. My wife and I learned so much from them and we feel like we have made four new friends. We will miss each one of them.


- Mike & Cheryl D. (Feb 2016),

I seriously doubt that there are better guides in the industry than the ones we had with Unique Safaris.

- Gabrielle B. (Feb 2016),

Our safari guide far exceeded our expectations. We made us feel safe, his wildlife and bird knowledge was encyclopedic, he was incredibly friendly and respectful of nature and he shared information freely with us without any prodding. We feel so lucky that we got to spend time with him. He has to be one of the best guides in the industry. He felt more like a friend than just a guide.

- Marvin B. (Feb 2016),

Having double permits so we can follow wildlife into different parks coupled with unlimited mileage made our photographic safari the best out there. It made the safari a little more expensive but it was worth it!

- Mary Ann McDonald (Feb 2016),

Our guide was outstanding. He always made sure we were comfortable and was always striving to find the exact animals we wanted to see.

- Margaret B. (Jan 2016),

Our guide was exceptional. His knowledge was extensive, his demeanor was superb, and his driving was terrific. He far exceeded our expectations.

- Gretchen & Russel K. (Jan 2016),

As good as it gets!

- Wayne A. (Jan 2016),

Absolute wonderful experience. Our guide was superb!

- Edward M. (Jan 2016),

I could not be more satisfied with every aspect of the whole trip. Everything was taken care of so that we could enjoy every minute of our trip. We had the perfect guide. He was friendly, patient, knowledgeable and safe.

- Brian B. (Dec 2015),

Wonderful trip. There were absolutely no problems. Everything went smoothly. I felt safe and comfortable at all times and saw A LOT of animals. People were so friendly. I would definitely recommend Unique Safaris.

- Julie M. (Dec 2015),

Exceptional Accommodations! Amazing Guides! Wonderful Experience!

- Anne S. (November 2015),

Superb! Outstanding! Exceptional!

- Suan A. (November 2015),

Everybody worked very hard and was very pleasant. An absolute incredible experience. Great guides and great locations.

- Valerie R. (Oct 2015),

Our safari guide was fantastic. He had a wonderful personality and great attitude. He made the trip a success!

- Skip & Jull T. (Oct 2015),

We had such a wonderful experience!! Our guide was such a gem! He was the most amazing guide, with a great wealth of knowledge, always going the extra mile, making sure we got to see everything we could possibly experience! The camp staff were exceptional as well. They were so accommodating, friendly, and polite! We have never experienced such superb customer service!

We loved our cultural activities too! It really gave the safari a special touch and allowed us to connect with people and spend time out of the vehicle. It was a good balance of activities!

Thanks for giving us a trip of a lifetime time, something so special, exhilarating, amazing, and spectacular! We would definitely recommend Unique Safaris to our friends!

Thanks so much!


- Beth D. (Oct 2015),

Our guide was magnificent and a consummate professional. How does he know so much about wildlife?

- Ron N. (Oct 2015),

Our guide was outstanding in every way.

- Robert S. (Oct 2015),

From the moment we got to Tanzania, we felt safe and well cared for by the Unique Safaris staff. Out guide went above and beyond for us. We felt like family by the end of the trip. His knowledge of animals and the natural world was amazing. WHAT A TRIP!!!

- Laurie D. (Sept 2015),

We’ve travelled the world with many guides but Unique Safaris was by far the best guide we’ve ever experienced.

- Mike F. (Sept 2015),

Unique Safaris actually flew medicine out to the bush for us because my wife and I were having uncomfortable reactions to Tse Tse fly bites. Guest service at its best!

- Peter A. (Sept 2015),

Our guide was exceptional. His knowledge of wildlife was encyclopedic but more importantly he was generous in spirit. We would recommend Unique Safaris to anyone.

- Lisa and Stan A. (Aug 2015),

An Incredible experience.

- Lowell W. (July 2015),

Our guide was very knowledgeable, patient, kind and had a good sense of humor.

- Ana C. (July 2015),

All our expectations were met and more. We felt like royalty everywhere we went.

- Jim N. (July 2015),

Unique Safaris exceeded our expectations. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

- Kelly C. (July 2015),

Our guide was superb. He took great care of us and was beyond out expectations.

- Luc M. (July 2015),

I’m going to miss Africa

I’m going to miss the safari jeep
The one we’ve been riding in all week

I’m going to miss Africa

I’m going to miss the hospitality
I’m going to miss the reality

I’m going to miss Africa

I’m going to miss all of the smiles
I’m going to miss driving all those miles

I’m going to miss Africa

I’m going to miss the bumpy road
The one that caused us to have to be towed

I’m going to miss Africa

I’m going to miss spending time with family
While watching the clever animal strategy

I’m going to miss Africa

I’m going to miss Wilfred and his laughs
I’m going to miss the bucket baths

I’m going to miss Africa

I’m going to miss waking up to biscuits and hot chocolate
I’m going to miss watching the bush plane pilot in the cockpit

I’m going to miss Africa

- Bryce D. 11 years old (June 2015),

Our guides were great with our young kids. They made our vacation a truly awesome event we will never forget.

- Samantha H. (July 2015),

Our guide was a pro! He made sure we saw everything and made sure we got great photos.

- Katherine D. (June 2015),

Our two guides made our experience memorable.

- Carole K. (June 2015),

Hope to come again with friends and family.

- Ben A. (June 2015),

Unique Safaris did it again. They recommended a great combination of lodges and camps and like our last trip, provided an outstanding safari guide.

- Mary K. (June 2015),

Our guide was a great teacher who answered every question we had. He made our trip a total joy.

- Elliot D. (June 2015),

Our guide was outstanding. He far exceeded our expectations and we loved him! We were fortunate to have him. He made my lifetime safari dream come true with lots of magic along the way.

- Liz N. (June 2015),