Tanzania Parks Create the Perfect African Safaris Vacation

 If you have been thinking about planning an African safaris vacation, a few tips will help increase the excitement and fun of this type of getaway. A trip into the wild lands of Africa delivers the opportunity to do something different and every detail counts to ensure success. Keep these questions in mind as you begin looking at available African safaris vacations:

  •  How many days do you want to be in Africa?
  • How much money can be spent? What is your budget range?
  • What special interests do you have in terms of what you want to see and experience?
  • Do you want a private safari or join a professionally escorted safari?
  • How many people are going?

You will have an easier time mapping out a memorable, one of a kind vacation by speaking with an expert to hear what options exist. Tanzania offers several wildlife areas and environments when choosing a region for your African safaris vacation.

Where Will You Go?

Tanzania is a country located in East Africa that is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the highest points on the continent. The country resides along the Indian Ocean and spans over nine-hundred thousand kilometers. Climates in the area remain of a tropical nature with variations experienced in certain regions at different times of the year. Travelers are able to explore grassland, savanna, woodland, and fresh water ecosystems while visiting Tanzania on an African safaris vacation. Popular parks and reserves in the area include:

  •  Kilimanjaro
  • Serengeti
  • Tarangire
  • Ngorongoro Crater
  • Selous

Parks and reserves in the region are known for specific types of wildlife experiences at different times of the year, making it important to know what you desire to see on an African safaris vacation. For example, Tarangire National Park is well known for its extensive population of bird species such as the Ashy Starling, Yellow-Collared lovebird, and dwarf mongoose as well as its large (6,500) elephant population, but the park excels at different times of the year. The Serengeti is host to the world’s largest migration of animals with three events (wildebeest calving, wildebeest rut and river crossings) happening at different locations and times of the year. The first step in planning this elaborate trip into the wild should be deciding what you want to see. Unique Safaris can help determine what parks offer the most rewarding experiences and create a package to fit your budget.