Starving in the Serengeti

September 30, 2013 Lions Drinking | Unique Safaris

When the dry season came in late June and early July, the last of the migratory herds departed from the central Serengeti, leaving little food for the lion prides in the area. Although resident ungulates do remain, many are smaller game such as Thompson and Grant’s gazelles. Adult lions need 11-15 lbs of meat daily to escape starvation and unfortunately gazelles weigh only 35-80 lbs. As you can see in this photo taken of the famous Sametu pride last week, each member has lost considerable weight so that you can see ribs and even veins. Since the pride males are always first to eat, there is often very little for the adult females and even less for the cubs. Many do not survive but the rains will be coming soon, ushering the return of the wildebeest and zebra herds.

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