Owners and Team

In my nearly 30 years of travel to Tanzania I have spent 1000 days in the Serengeti ecosystem. All that time has been with Unique Safaris, whom I consider the finest outfitter in East Africa. The driver guides, many of them now good friends, are the best in the business. Their knowledge is superb and from a photographer’s standpoint, they know how to get the best lighting and positioning for the best photographic angles. Moreover, they are very conservation minded – important to me – and will do nothing to harass or disturb wildlife. In all these years the participants in my photo tours have had nothing but rave reviews for Unique.

– Boyd Norton, author and photographer of 16 books, most recently Serengeti: The Eternal Beginning.

About The Unique Safaris Team

Both of us are citizens of Tanzania and have lived in Arusha for most of our lives. We have each been working in the bush since 1980 and decided to follow our entrepreneurial spirit to open our own company in 1990. We wanted to raise the bar and be involved with a finer level of safari operations, one that provided more than just scheduled departures that packed you in safari vehicles with strange travelling companions that only visit tourist hot spots for animal viewing.

We realized that we possessed the passion, knowledge and skill so we went for it and started our own company. Our story is one that many Westerners can appreciate as we started with only 200 guests a year and worked hard to increase to our current growth of almost 3,000 guests to date. Today our commitment is to remain personalized in our services and itineraries and to show you the beauty of Tanzania through its astonishing landscapes, its dynamic wildlife, meaningful cultural experiences and the warmth and hospitality of our people.

Our goal is to provide you and your family a lifetime of cherished memories by continuing with the high standards and values our company still lives by today including:

  • Getting to know our clients as individuals and designing a safari that exceeds their expectations.
  • Hiring and training the finest, most passionate safari guides in Tanzania.
  • Allowing our safari guides to excel in the bush by providing unlimited daily mileage for better access to unique and more intimate wildlife viewing.
  • Training every member of our team and ensuring they meet our highest standards of client service.
  • Owning and maintaining the best vehicles, specially adapted for outstanding photography and game viewing.
  • Excelling in operating small private mobile and semi-permanent  camps, with friendly staff who love the bush as much as our safari guides.
  • Taking pride in being spotlessly clean and sanitary in our camps, our vehicles and our appearance.
  • Going “Above and Beyond” with our service.
  • Providing outstanding communication and a booking process that is easy and fluid.

All of our employees are residents of Tanzania, so we can all share with you the history of our country, the variety of tribes and cultures we have as well as the love for our land.

We invite you to come to Tanzania to enjoy an outstanding safari unlike any other that Africa has to provide.

Warm Regards,
Ally and Hussein