Luxury African Safari Tours At Selous Game Reserve

 If you have been fantasizing about a luxury African safari tour, the eastern country of Tanzania offers plenty of new opportunities for venturing into the less explored areas of this beautiful continent. The Selous Game Reserve is one of the most extensive faunal reserves throughout the globe and sits in Tanzania’s southern circuit. A luxury African safari tour to this World Heritage Site promises the chance to view large game in a mostly untouched region of the continent. The Selous Game Reserve covers approximately twenty-one thousand square miles of land. Human habitation and the building of permanent structures are not allowed in order to preserve the wildlife’s natural environment. Entry into the park is controlled by the local Wildlife Division to ensure no harm is done during a luxury African safari tour.

 What Will You See?

Selous was designated as a protected area in 1896 with a large portion being dedicated to private hunting expeditions. Another portion has been set aside for photography and safaris to the north next to the Rufiji River. The reserve houses many typically desired animals including elephants, hippos, buffalo, and crocodiles, which have far more dense populations than seen in alternative parks. Luxury African safari tours tend to remain close to the Rufiji River because animals are easy to spot as they gather around this local water source. Travelers must fly to reach this destination; however, the trip is well worth the extra effort as the park offers a variety of habitats for exploration and observation.

Selous holds grasslands, savanna areas, wetlands, and an extensive section of woodlands. A luxury African safari tour to this location allows you to become one with nature and truly enjoy this long dreamed about adventure. The southern circuit in Tanzania is an extremely remote location where game viewing is just the beginning of your journey. Traffic is minimal and visitors are able to enjoy the untarnished land offered by the Selous Game Reserve. If this region of Tanzania seems right up your alley, Unique Safaris will make certain your trip supplies the experiences you have been imagining for a luxury African safari tour.