Items to Remember When Packing for Your Safari Trip to Africa

Planning a safaris trip to Africa entails much more than simply choosing a destination and booking your stay. A few things are indispensable as you prepare for the trip regardless of the chosen location in Tanzania. Clothing of khaki coloring is preferred to blend in with area surroundings to better observe wildlife. Darker colors such as blue or black attract tste tste flies. Take some time to evaluate the surroundings, desired activities, and the selected park or reserve to determine what items are required to have the best possible safaris trip to Africa. Unique Safaris provides extensive pre-departure planning materials to help you prepare and pack.

 A lightweight jacket or fleece comes in handy as temperatures begin to decrease at nighttime. Morning drives will be more comfortable if you plan to layer your clothing to prepare for the variances during the morning, afternoon, and evening. A good safari hat is vital for protecting your head, neck, and ears from the sun. Additional packing room can be gained by choosing a hat with a collapsible design. Clothing capable of being lost or omitted at a later time will be beneficial since a safari trip to Africa requires light packing to ensure comfort on flights or jeep rides and to aid in accommodating limited room.

Wet wipes serve many purposes on this type of journey including sanitization, face cleaning, and even as toilet paper. Make certain you pack enough to accommodate the unexpected on your safari trip to Africa. A closable bag makes a great place to store cameras, film, batteries, or a journal to ensure they stay dry even in the worst conditions. Finally, nothing is worse than getting the opportunity to take the perfect picture and having a dead battery or no room left on your memory card. Be certain to take extra batteries and storage media whether film, card, or disposable to capture every moment during a safaris trip to Africa. Unique Safaris can provide additional tips based on the selected park or region of Tanzania you are visiting.