Have You Been Thinking About An African Guided Safari?

The variety of African guided safari possibilities found in Tanzania makes it important to know what experiences are preferred when planning a trip. You will be able to choose a rewarding location by knowing what type of wildlife is favored on your journey.  First time travelers wanting the picture perfect safari have several parks to choose from. Tanzania has gazetted more than 25% of their land into national parks and game reserves. Protected regions do not allow human inhabitants or the building of structures thus allowing wildlife to roam free in an unscathed environment without fences. These make a great choice for anyone wanting to see and experience bush territory on an African guided safari.

 Where to Go

If wildlife observation is the desired activity during your African guided safari, Tanzania houses a number of parks to meet the demands of such an interest. Serengeti National Park is one commonly covered by the Discovery Channel due to the annual wildebeest and zebra migration coming through the region and is a good option for an African guided safari. The park holds a wide array of large animals including lions, leopards, cheetah, hippos, elephants, gazelles, and more than 1.6 million wildebeests. Ngorongoro Conservation Area is another region where vast types of animals can be found and is home to the famous Ngorongoro Crater. This crater, formed by volcanic activity, offers many of the same forms of wildlife as the Serengeti, but at a much larger density.

Tarangire National Park, located in Tanzania’s northern circuit, received its name from the only river running through this portion of the country. The river serves as a drawing point for all walks of life as it is the only water source available. Concentrations of wildlife are most extensive during the dry season as animals make their way from miles around to reach the water source. African guided safaris in Tanzania offer the often dreamed about trip into the bush lands of this continent. The country provides the perfect mix for creating an ideal trip into the wild and Unique Safaris can help you choose the best location for enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunity.