Discover the Vast National Parks of Tanzania on Your African Safaris Trip

A trip to Africa supplies the chance to see exquisite wildlife in several unique settings and the country of Tanzania is a great starting point for the first time visitor or the seasoned traveler. This portion of the continent offers a broad range of park choices that present travelers with the chance to view countless types of animals. An African safaris trip to Tanzania promises a one of a kind experience where wildebeests, zebras, elephants, lions, leopard, cheetah, rhino, buffalo, and gazelles roam around in their natural habitat without fending around the national parks. Serengeti National Park should never be missed with the opportunities to witness various events of the annual migration of wildebeest and zebra. Tarangire National Park is a must see during a trip to this magical place. The Tarangire River runs through these lands and serves as one of the only water sources for miles. Many forms of wildlife gather at the river and deliver great sightseeing opportunities on an African safaris trip, with a special emphasis on the elephants of Tarangire. In the green season (November – June), the park remains excellent for elephants but is also a birder’s delight.

 The Sights of Tarangire National Park

Land in Tarangire is dry with a dusty red coloring as water sources are limited and the minimal cloud coverage causes the might of the sun to bear down on it consistently. During the dry season, the Tarangire River, which is a sand river, provides an excellent source of water, above and below ground, even when the river becomes drier looking. Herd animals of the Great Rift Valley and surrounding conservation land migrate into the park for the precious water. Visitors are able to view a large variety of species in one centralized location on an African safaris trip to this location as the river supplies a consistent water source to area wildlife.

Widely known for its large count of elephants and extensive concentration of breeding birds, Tarangire experiences many fluxes of wildlife as they migrate through the region. It offers one of the most extensive population counts of animals next to the famous Serengeti when desiring to take an African safaris trip. In the wet season, animals scatter out more to roam the green plains, but always return to the river for nourishment. It is an environment unlike any other where you can expect to see abundant forms of wildlife in a picturesque setting. Contact Unique Safaris today to begin planning your African safaris trip into this exceptional Tanzanian territory.