Deciding Where to Go On Your African Safaris Guided Vacation

If you have ever dreamed about riding in a jeep with your binoculars and camera in tow to view a vast array of majestic wildlife in an unscathed region, African safaris guided by a professional are an ideal choice. A safari is a long journey to a distant continent where civilization has failed to make its mark. The hardest part of planning this type of trip is choosing a location since over half the African continent is available to explore. Wildlife will be a big determining factor for choosing an African safaris guided location. The Big 5 is a much talked about area phenomena for first time visitors; however, it is important to remember that the region offers many other large animals such as giraffes and zebras.

Tanzania Supplies Excellent Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

Tanzania is considered to be one of the oldest inhabited areas on the planet as fossil remains dating back millions of years ago have been found throughout this portion of Africa. The land is known for having many geographical extremes ranging from high peaks such as Mount Kilimanjaro to lake beds that create some of its lowest points. The variances offered by Tanzania make it a great place for taking an African safaris guided trip. A diverse terrain makes it easy to choose a location to meet your precise game viewing interests.

Northeast Tanzania is a mountainous region of the country where visitors are able to see Mount Kilimanjaro, the continents highest point, and the Serengeti lies to the northwest. Tanzania parks are one of the largest drawing points of this beautiful country because they provide visitors with abundant wildlife viewing opportunities on an African safari guided tour. Some of the best parks can be found in the northern part of Tanzania; however, the southern portion also has its own unique features. Tanzania promises the chance have new, exciting experiences during your African safaris guided vacation and Unique Safaris will make certain your trip to this region is exactly what you have been dreaming about.