Ambush from Above

January 15, 2013 Unique Safaris for the Ultimate Tanzanian Safari

The recent rains in November and December have turned the Southern Serengeti into an oasis of lush green grass and animals were seen everywhere taking advantage of all the growth.  This was true in the Ndutu area as well, where a large herd of zebras and wildebeests had collected near a marsh to graze. By early afternoon the heat had become sweltering and a few zebras and wildebeests had situated themselves under the shadow of an acacia tree to escape the rising temperature. They did not know that a leopard was resting up high within its boughs, its eyes focused on the movement below. It wasn’t long before the leopard’s gaze settled on a young zebra foul. Within moments, the leopard dropped from the tree, his body propelled by gravity and crashing onto the young zebra before it could spring away. The other animals exploded into different directions, while the baby zebra, stunned and terrified, quickly succumbed to the leopard’s powerful jaws. Within minute the leopard was dragging his fresh kill back up into the same tree he had been resting in. (Photo Courtesy of Unknown)

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