Welcome to Unique Safaris’ private site for our preferred agents. We thank you for your business and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and bush experiences. We value your loyalty and feedback for constant improvement.

Our agent site is designed to provide information, news and materials that will allow your sales agents to sell with knowledge, confidence and documents that help you to respond to your clients’ questions quickly and accurately.

Unique Safaris is happy to brand for your individual companies based on a threshold of volume you provide annually. It is our goal that our agents have the most up to date information about news in Tanzania and events that might impact the migration or tourism to Tanzania. As you develop your relationship with Unique Safaris your knowledge of the migration will increase greatly and you will have greater confidence when you suggest basic itineraries. Our information on distance and drive times between various areas within Tanzania will help prepare your client’s travel expectations and our hotel fact sheet will enhance your knowledge of what each individual accommodation has to offer as we work together to select the best choices for your clients.