African Safaris Tour Packages

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area or NCA, located in the Crater Highlands of Tanzania, is a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site for African safaris tour packages. This portion of the northern circuit houses the Ngorongoro Crater as one of its many natural attractions. It is the only region in the country of Tanzania that allows human habitation while taking specific measures to protect residing wildlife. As part of the Serengeti ecosystem, NCA offers extended grass plains in its northern region as well as volcanic highlands to the south and west. Travelers reserving an African safaris tour package in December or June can expect to see increased wildebeests and zebra counts as the annual migration comes through this area of Tanzania. The NCA promises a plethora of observation opportunities since it has one of the healthiest wildlife populations.

 Wildlife at Ngorongoro Crater

The conservation area is home to roughly twenty-five thousand big animals consisting of hoof mammals and one of the highest densities of predators on the African continent. Visitors can expect to see plenty of wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, lions, leopards, elephants, and black rhinos while enjoying an African safaris tour package in this region of Tanzania. The Lion populations are dense at the famous Ngorongoro Crater with the count sitting at sixty-two in 2001. Additionally, leopards and elephants can be viewed during an African safaris tour package around the craters rim.

Travelers coming to the NCA should take some time to visit the lake residing at the center of the crater. At a distance, the extensive count of flamingos creates the look of a pink border around the body of water. Visitors desiring to observe cheetahs in their natural habitat during an African safaris tour package will need to seek these animals on the reserve lands outside of the crater. Tanzania offers several opportunities to see highly desired African wildlife and the NCA is just the tip of the iceberg for travelers making their way to this beautiful country. Unique Safaris can help you plan a trip to Tanzania and make certain you receive the perfect, long imagined experience.