Sunset in jungle

Elsa Eckman – Age 16

Two things that I love the most in the whole world are sunrises and sunsets. Everyday in the parks, we would get up before sunrise. At home, I am almost never up before sunrise, so I never really had a chance to see how beautiful they are. We would usually be leaving the camp or have already left it before the sun would rise. When we were in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, our guide Fazal made sure to stop every morning and night so that I could watch the sunrise and sunset.

In the northern Serengeti, there were hot air balloons that would rise every morning to watch the sunrise and see wildlife.

Sunrises and Sunsets
sunset in safari jungle

Each day, our guide, Fazal, would pull over and let me take a bunch of sunrise photos. The rest of my family was a little annoyed, but Fazal knew how much I loved the sunrises, so we would stop anyway. Everyone in my family loved the sunsets, so we would stop every day to watch them. In our group, we had two safari vehicles and guides. Both of them would pull over next to each other, and we would watch the sunset together. One day, our guides Fazal and Roman did a sunset photo shoot for my cousins and me. They made sure that the area was safe, and then we got out of our vehicles and took lots of photos of the sunset! I am forever thankful for having Fazal as our guide, he was amazing!

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