Three top things about Unique Safari:

1) Our guide Russell was truly outstanding!! He’s unbelievably knowledgeable, friendly, quick, and sharp in making decisions, smart, professional, and considerate.  We traveled with one 10-year-old and an 83-year-old grandma who had a broken shoulder three weeks before our trip and who had wheelchair needs.  Russell was able to keep up with our curious 10-year-old who had nonstop questions about animals and everything about Africa and the world while he took care of all the details on how to meet grandma’s needs.  As well, he took an amazing pace throughout our safari and kept us entertained the whole time.  His explanations about local and ecology were beyond a tour guide.  It was like a university classroom in real life!  Everything was so well explained with its background knowledge, interrelations, and cause-and-effect logic.  We learned so much from Russell that I felt he’s given me a better understanding of wildlife and ecology than any of my university professors! Russell was also an amazing driver.  He’s super experienced in spotting wildlife while keeping us safe with his super skillful safari driving. Russell kept us feeling safe yet efficient in our vehicle the whole time.  He minimized any possible uncomfortable situations for us before hands on the safari road.  He’s definitely an exquisite asset for the company!

2) Our trip planner Meg did an amazing job arranging our trip!  Despite our uncertainty and fear of unfamiliarity about Africa, everything was well taken care of from airport pick up to how to take care of our over-packed luggage, foreign ways of airport check-in, how to pick the best balance in terms of being economically efficient and top quality for comfort and sometimes even nice surprises for such luxurious fancy accommodations throughout our African trip. with Unique Safari.  Smooth connections between things were superb. Our trip planner Meg well thought about everything ahead of time and planned, and took care of everything for us beforehand so we basically traveled worry-free stress-free pretty much the whole trip.

3) I couldn’t.stress  more how amazing our accommodations and meals have been throughout our trip!  We are a well-traveled family and we conquered our last continent with this Africa trip.  I planned to come to Africa last because of our fear of African diseases, fear of uncertainty of its food and accommodations, and other safety issues.  Before this trip, I would have never thought that our Tanzanian trip would turn out to be our most luxurious, jaw-dropping, eye-opening safe trip that we just kept getting stunned almost on a daily basis!  Tanzania is such a beautiful country with incredibly friendly down to earthly people all around. The places we traveled made me safer than any place even in the states, Europe, or even in Canada!  Our family fell in love with this country and we will definitely come back again!

Thank you, Russell, Meg, and everybody in Unique Safari who made these precious lifetime memories for our family!

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